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Configuration Details

This extension contributes the following settings:

File Management

NameDetailsDefaultCode Reference
Auto OpenThis happens every time the game sends all scriptsGlobalLink
Create XMLCreate XML UI File for each Lua receivedfalse


NameDetailsDefaultCode Reference


NameDetailsDefaultCode Reference


NameDetailsDefaultCode Reference
TTSLua.clearOnReloadEnable to clear console history when reloadingfalse
TTSLua.consoleFontFamilyFont family for consoleAmaranth
TTSLua.consoleFontSizeFont size for console in pixels16
TTSLua.consoleInputHeightSet Height for command input in pixels27
TTSLua.coroutinePostfixPostfix to be appended to coroutine functions_routine
TTSLua.clearOnFocusEnable to clear command input on input focusfalse
TTSLua.guidPostfixPostfix of variable when guessing getObjectFromGUID_GUID
TTSLua.includeOtherFilesEnable file nestingtrue
TTSLua.includeOtherFilesPathsAdditional paths to search for files[]
TTSLua.bundleSearchPatternPattern used to look for additional files["?.ttslua","?.lua"]
TTSLua.logSaveEnable to log a message when a save occurstrue
TTSLua.parameterFormatFormatting for AutocompleteTYPE_name
TTSLua.parameterToDisplayAutocomplete parameter insertionBoth