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Commands can be triggered either by hotkey or via the Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P)

Get Lua ScriptsOnce confirmed, this will pull all scripts from the game to the editorCtrl+Alt+L
Save And PlayThis will save all currently modified files and then push them to be executed on the gameCtrl+Alt+S
Execute selected LuaSend currently selected text to the game to be executed in place. Learn MorePalette + Context Menu
Open TTS Console++This command will open the Console++ Panel in VSCode to the side, where you'll find messages sent from the game and be able to send your own commandsCtrl+Alt+`
Install Console++This is the automated install, once finished you'll be able to require Console++ in your scripts like so require('vscode/console')Palette Only
Update IntelliSense with latest TTS APIDownloads the latest available API for TTS Lua and updates IntelliSense autocompletion with it. Learn MorePalette Only
Add Global include folder to workspaceUse this command to add the Global include folder to your workspace (~/Documents/Tabletop Simulator)Palette Only
[Debug] Force autocomplete updateAs the name implies, this command is the same as the IntelliSense update but skipping version check, it will download and process the file regardless if it's the same as previously downloadedPalette Only
Download assetsWhoops! The devs forgot to complete this fieldPalette Only
Change working directory where scripts will be saved to and loaded from.Whoops! The devs forgot to complete this fieldPalette Only